Grant-funded New Housing Construction

Northern Pueblos Housing Authority (NPHA) has served as the federally-recognized Tribally Designated Housing Entity (TDHE) for the Picuris, San Ildefonso and Tesuque Pueblos in the State of New Mexico since 1971. NPHA has consistently delivered high-quality grant-funded new housing construction and rehabilitation projects. During its history, NPHA has developed and managed nearly 500 affordable housing units and rehabilitated over 200 homes occupied by Native American residents in its service area.

Eagle View at Picuris Pueblo is a 16-unit low-income housing tax credit development placed in service in 2001.

Eagle View at Picuris Pueblo –16 low-income housing tax credit units placed in service in 2001.

In October of 2014, we celebrated the Grand Opening of Deer Tail Vista, a ten-unit affordable housing development at the Pueblo de San Ildefonso.


NPHA is now developing a 23-unit housing development for Tesuque Pueblo. Installation of new infrastructure to support new homes will begin around Spring of 2015.


Home Rehabilitation

NPHA maintains waiting lists of residents from Member Pueblos who desire home rehabilitation services. As competitive grant funds supporting home repairs are obtained, we provide home rehabilitation services to qualified Pueblo members on a first-come, first served basis. If you’d like home repair, fill out an application to get your name on the waiting list.








Housing Management

With sixty-one (61) HUD-assisted and sixteen (16) low-income housing tax credit homes under management on the three Pueblos, NPHA is one of the most experienced Native American housing organizations in New Mexico. NPHA has conveyed over 400 homes to new Pueblo Member homeowners in the past ten years.

 Housing Counseling

 Northern Pueblos Housing Authority is a HUD-approved Housing Local Housing Counseling Agency (LHCA). NPHA has provided life-changing delinquency and home ownership counseling, financial literacy training, and tax preparation services to over 500 Native American households since 2006.

 Community Facilities and Infrastructure

Due to its long-term success as a TDHE, NPHA has been increasingly asked by members to take on infrastructure, community improvement and economic development projects, in addition to housing projects. We have completed or are currently involved in developing comprehensive, land use, and water and waste water master plans; making improvements to Pueblo water and waste water systems; as well as guiding community facilities construction projects including a community learning center and a fire station.

Construction of this solar-powered fire station at Picuris Pueblo got underway in October of 2014.


Economic Development

The Northern Pueblos Economic Development Initiative is an economic development technical assistance project of the Northern Pueblos Housing Authority (NPHA) in support of the Pueblos of Picuris, San Ildefonso, and Tesuque, New Mexico—recipients. The initiative helps “incubate” Pueblo economic development projects. NPHA provide hands-on training and technical assistance related to each element of the business development life cycle illustrated below for Native-owned for-profit ventures.


Financial Management

NPHA’s responsibly administers about $5 million worth of development activity for the three Pueblos each year. NPHA is current in its audit compliance with all federal, state, and local officials. No major findings were noted in their final report to the Regional Administrator. There are no findings in NPHA’s recently concluded FY 2013 Financial Audit. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development conducted a one-week on-site program review of NPHA in February of 2012 which commended “NPHA for the success of their collaboration and coordination with the three Pueblos in implementing their NAHASDA programs.”